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2024 ICBSC Registration Call

  • 1.  2024 ICBSC Registration Call

    Posted 11-16-2023 10:46
    ICBSC Logo

    Welcome to the 60th Annual International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC) – Building Bridges from Academia to Industry

    Please register by December 31, 2023!


    Dear Colleagues, 

    The College of Business at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) cordially invites your university to participate in the 2024 International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC).   

    In this competition, teams of 4-6 students take over the management of a simulated manufacturing company while competing directly against other firms run by competitor teams in a simulated world. The simulated environment incorporates the economies of two countries and requires consideration of global and domestic strategy.

    The ICBSC Legacy 

    The ICBSC was launched in 1964 and is one of the oldest business strategy competitions. An example of ICBSC loyalty to student development is Willamette University which competed in 1965 and every year thereafter. The competition simulation has evolved from mail-in submissions to a browser-based interface. 

    Each year our students, whether or not they bring back a trophy, tell us that this competition has been the single most rewarding experience of their college career.  Some students listing the ICBSC on their resumes have discovered that it has helped them during job interviews. In today's job market, this means the value of this investment in our students is multiplied many times.  

    About the 2024 Competition 

    The ICBSC begins with a remote online phase in late January 2024 and culminates with a three-day intensive phase in Anaheim, CA on April 18-20, 2024. 

    The Competition utilizes the Business Policy Game, an international simulation, designed to enable advanced business students to integrate and apply the theoretical knowledge they acquired in their business courses. The students become strategic managers of simulated companies competing against other business students acting as managers of their own companies. The Competition extends over five simulated years, one calendar quarter at a time.

    The competition provides students with an opportunity to make quarterly business decisionsdevelop a business plan, produce an annual report, and practice oral presentation skills during the mock Board Meeting conducted at the intensive phase in Anaheim, California.  

    Our competition is unique because, in addition to the simulation, the competition also includes interaction with a Judging Panel. The judges act as the Board of Directors for each team. Teams make presentations and judges provide feedback. While we include some savvy business strategy faculty, most of our judges are industry executives. Our judging panels have included high level executives such as current and past Vice Presidents of Northrup Grumman, Juniper Technologies, Bank of America, PriceWaterhouseCooper, Pacific Gas and Electric, Shamrock Foods as well as many others. 

    2024 ICBSC Registration Form & Supplemental Materials

    As the competition's Administrative Director, I would like to personally invite you to send one or more undergraduate and/or MBA/MA/MSc teams to this year's competition. 

    Please find below links to the competition registration form and supplemental materials that may be useful:  

    Ø 2024 ICBSC Registration Form (Online) 

    Ø 2024 ICBSC Registration Form (Word Document) 

    Ø 2024 ICBSC Overview (includes important dates) 

    Ø 2024 ICBSC Flyer (please circulate Flyer

    Ø 2024 ICBSC Brochure (please circulate Brochure) 

    Ø 2024 ICBSC Presentation (a useful tool for gaining support) 

    Additional information about the ICBSC can be found at our website icbsc.org.

    There is an excellent YouTube Video developed by the San Jose State University undergraduate team on our website.  From the video you can see the kind of learning and excitement that the competition generates for student participants. 

    Please e-mail me (nataliya.acc-nikmehr@csulb.edu) with any questions.

    I hope you will join us by competing in this year's competition and I look forward to seeing you and your team in April of 2024! 

    Thank you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Nataliya Acc-Nikmehr, PhD

    Administrative Director

    International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

    Department of Management & HRM

    California State University Long Beach



    Nataliya Acc-Nikmehr
    Long Beach CA