IM Teaching Resources

The following resources could be of assistance to university instructors in the areas of international business and international management. This is a living page that gets updated when new interesting resources are identified. If you would like to suggest any interesting online resources that could be valuable in teaching international business at the university level, please email the current Chair of AOM-IMD’s Online Teaching Resources Committee for consideration.

1. International Management Division's Webinars
Experiential Learning for Remote Courses: Reflections and Best Practices
(Online Teaching Resources Committee's webinar, July 22, 2020)

The Future of International Business Teaching: Content and Methods in a Post COVID-19 World
(Teaching Committee's webinar, June 10, 2020)

Secrets to Successfully Teaching International Business Virtually
(Teaching Committee's webinar, Mar 4, 2021)

AOM IM Division Web Cafe | AOM Conference Preview
(Drive Committee's webinar, July 19, 2021)

AOM IM Division Café’ Webinar | AOM Conference Program
(Drive Committee's webinar, July 26, 2021)

2. AOM IM Division Teaching Committee’s “How to Produce Different Types of Cases Series”

3. Free IB teaching cases

4. Paid IB teaching cases

5. Global market simulations

6. Moving Teaching Online

7. Teaching with Cases Online

8. Other teaching resources and forums
The following individuals have contributed to the compilation of these resources over time: Der Chao Chen (National Central University, Taiwan); Abdulrahman Chikhouni (Mount Royal University, Canada); Ali Taleb (MacEwan University, Canada); and Rimi Zakaria (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA)