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Advances in Global Leadership Vol. 15 now published

  • 1.  Advances in Global Leadership Vol. 15 now published

    Posted 16 days ago

    Dear all,


    We are excited to share that Volume 15 of Advances in Global Leadership has just been published. Happy reading!



    Sebastian, on behalf of the co-editors



    Advances in global leadership


    VOLUME 15





    San Jose State University, USA



    IESE, Spain



    University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, USA


    Martha L. Maznevski

    Western University, Canada



    Part 1

    Empirical Findings


    A Systemic Review of Power in Global Leadership

    Marketa Rickley


    Six Factors that Shape How Global Leaders Exercise Power and Influence Followers

    Brett Hinds and James Ludema


    Leading Effective Global Change: Three Design Imperatives that Support Success

    Amber Johnson, James Ludema and Joyce S. Osland


    A Model of Trigger Events and Sensemaking in the Intercultural Context: A Cognitive Approach to Global Leadership Effectiveness

    Joyce S. Osland, Allan Bird, B. Sebastian Reiche and Mark E. Mendenhall


    Publishing Patterns in the Field of Global Leadership: 2015-2020

    Mark. E. Mendenhall, Arthur Jose Honorio Franco de Lima, and Lisa A. Burke-Smalley


    Reflections from Advances in Global Leadership's Emerald Literati Award Winners  

    Joyce S. Osland, editor


    1. Reflecting on the Expert Global Leadership Journey    Joyce S. Osland


    1. Contested Cosmopolitanism: Looking Back, Moving Forward   Orly Levy and Maury Peiperl


    1. Revisiting the Nature of Global Leaders' Work   Tina Huesing and James Ludema


    1. "Here Be Paradox" Revisited:  What Global Business Leaders Can Teach All of Us About Navigating Change   Janet Ann Nelson


    1. Toward a framework of contextualized assets and liabilities in global leadership: Identity and power implications in an African context  Nana Yaa Gwamfi & Yih-teen Lee


    6.   Leading toward realities we desire: By Embracing Humility, Unlearning Convenient Falsehoods, and Recognizing Inconvenient Truths   Nancy J. Adler


    7.  Current Perspectives on Global Leadership and the COVID-19 Crisis   Richard D. Bolden


    8.  A New COVID-19 Practice Emerges: Are Virtual Assignments with Global Employees Here to Stay?   Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard


    9.  Corona lessons: Preparedness, Connectivity & "Research Flashmobs"  Rikke Kristine Nielsen


    10. New Ways of Working in the COVID World   Lisa Ruiz


    11. Revisiting Leveraging the COVID-19 Pandemic to Develop Global Leaders   Milda Zilinskaite and Christof Miska



    Part 2



    Asking Big Questions That Matter: An Interview with Nancy J. Adler

    Joyce S. Osland


    Tackling Grand Societal Challenges and Designing Consciousness-Raising Experiences Inside and Outside the Classroom: An Interview with Global Leadership Educator Günter K. Stahl

    B. Sebastian Reiche


    Developing Global Leaders in Denmark via Academic-Practitioner Collaboration: Lessons for Educators and Consultants

    Rikke Neilsen and Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard


    Power and Global Leadership: Marking the Transition and Suggesting Future Directions

    Martha L. Maznevski, Joyce S. Osland, B. Sebastian Reiche, and Mark E. Mendenhall




    B. Sebastian Reiche, PhD

    Professor of People Management

    Associate Director of Faculty

    Associate EditorHuman Resource Management Journal

    Co-editor Advances in Global Leadership

    IESE Business School

    Ave. Pearson, 21

    08034 Barcelona, Spain

    Tel: +34 93 602 4491


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