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Call for Papers - Submission 15 July 2022 Online Conference Orchestrating Multi-stakeholder Collaborations for Grand Challenges

  • 1.  Call for Papers - Submission 15 July 2022 Online Conference Orchestrating Multi-stakeholder Collaborations for Grand Challenges

    Posted 07-06-2022 03:02
    **Apologies for cross posting**

    Call for papers - Online Conference

    Submission deadline: 15 July 2022

    Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) Conference 2022 on 25 November 2022
    Organized by Maastricht School of Management and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

    Theme: Orchestrating Multi-stakeholder Collaborations for Grand Challenges

    Keynote presentation: Prof. Charlene Zietsma (Smeal College of Business, PennState University) will give a keynote presentation on the interplay between inter-organizational (multi-stakeholder) collaborations and issue fields.

    Panel discussion with Prof. Barbara Gray, Prof. Bobby Banerjee and Dr. Rashedur Chowdhury
    on future directions of the multi-stakeholder partnership research

    Academic Career Development Workshop on 24 November 2022: for PhD candidates and early career scholars. Dr. Garima Sharma will give a keynote about bridging the research-practice gap and creating research impact. Leading journal editors will also provide insights about impact publishing. The workshop takes place on-location at Maastricht School of Management. Bursaries are available for travel if accepted.

    The overarching conference theme is the collaborative nature of addressing grand challenges, and in particular sustainability and circularity transitions (Ferraro et al., 2015; George et al., 2016). One focus within that theme will be the role that orchestrators (also referred to as conveners, brokers or interveners) play in advancing these transitions by launching and governing multi-stakeholder collaborations (Dorado & Vaz, 2003; Gray & Purdy, 2018; Paquin & Howard-Grenville, 2013; Stadtler & Probst, 2012). Organizing and mobilizing diverse stakeholders in inter-organizational collaborations is however fraught with tensions and challenges (Ansell & Gash, 2007; Bowen et al., 2018; Van Hille
    et al., 2019) and we invite scholars to submit papers that explore these challenges and how these are governed. Another focus of the conference is on the legitimacy of multi-stakeholder collaborations and how it is established and attributed among various internal and external stakeholders (Rueede & Kreutzer, 2015; Schouten & Glasbergen, 2011). Furthermore, we invite papers that explore the empirical phenomenon of multi-stakeholder collaborations, looking at how they emerge, intersect, compete, or persist to create collaborative value and societal impact (Alamgir & Banerjee, 2019; Buchanan et al., 2022; DiVito et al., 2021; Van Tulder et al., 2016).

    More generally, we invite scholars working on cross-sector partnerships, collaborative networks, multi-stakeholder initiatives or innovation platforms that address grand challenges, sustainability, and circularity to submit papers. We welcome submissions that view partnerships and collaborative networks from various perspectives, such as strategic management, innovation systems, organizational theory or public administration. Some suggestive questions include:

    Governance of multi-stakeholder collaborations

    • What different organizational forms exist for multi-stakeholder collaborations and how does the form affect their operations and impact?
    • What (novel) governance models of collaborations are suited to large-scale societal transitions, such as the shift from a linear to a circular economy?
    • How do collaborations avoid or manage collaborative inertia and maintain their value and relevance over time?

    Sustainability / circularity

    • How does the nature of sustainability issues affect collaborative organizing?
    • How can we measure the impact or effect of multi-stakeholder collaborations on their envisioned sustainability or circularity objectives?
    • What role do multi-stakeholder collaborations play in creating circular global value chains?


    • How important is orchestrator 'neutrality'? Is it possible to be neutral and are there certain contexts or issues where neutrality may hinder progress?
    • How can orchestrators exit their role without hampering the continuation of the collaboration? How are knowledge, tasks and roles transferred to sustain multi[1]stakeholder collaboration or practices over time?
    • What is the impact of orchestration on the performance and/or legitimacy of the collaboration? How can orchestration impact be assessed?

    Value creation and capture from multi-stakeholder collaboration

    • What collaborative value is created and on what levels (individual, organizational, network level)? How is such value captured, and by whom?
    • How is value creation and appropriation measured over time?
    • What happens to the value created after the network dissolves?

    Conference paper submission requirements
    Please submit your full paper using the submission system no later than 15 July 2022. Full paper submissions are required, with a maximum of 30 pages, excluding tables, figures, references (double-spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman). Each paper will receive an assigned discussant. This is an online conference. There is no fee for accepted papers.

    Details and submission requirements to the Academic Career Development workshop
    On 24 November 2022, we will host an on-site Academic Career Development workshop focused on increasing societal impact of academic research related to the conference theme. During the workshop, early career scholars and doctoral students present and discuss their work with senior academics.  We will also have a discussion panel with journal editors that focus on impact publishing. The Academic Career Development workshop is supported by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies. Early career scholars and doctoral students in any phase of their projects are invited to submit a (draft) paper of maximum 30 pages excluding references, tables, figures, or a 5-page summary of a current research project to professorship-cie@hva.nl no later than 15 July 2022. We will select 15 participants based on the project/paper's fit with the overall conference theme. There is no fee for accepted participants. Participants in the Academic Career Development workshop are also invited to participate in the online conference on 25 November 2022. Bursaries for travel and accommodation are available upon request.

    For more information, please visit the CIE 2022 conference website.

    Lori DiVito
    Amsterdam School of International Business
    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences