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Deadline Extended to June 15: PDW -- Fostering Publications from Around the World

  • 1.  Deadline Extended to June 15: PDW -- Fostering Publications from Around the World

    Posted 26 days ago

    Dear colleagues,

    This is just a quick reminder of the STR-sponsored PDW "Fostering Publications from Around the World in Leading Organization and Strategy Journals". This session is In-person/Hybrid on August 5, 8:00am-11am PT.

    Your paper will be matched with senior scholars, in addition to panel discussions. The submission deadline is extended to June 15, 2022. Please see the following CFP:

    Fostering Publications from Around the World in Leading Organization and Strategy Journals
    STR Global Representatives' PDW - Academy of Management 2022
    Submission Deadline: June 15, 2022  



    Around the world we find researchers engaged in exciting, innovative, and relevant research projects. Unfortunately, many of these geographically diverse researchers face significant obstacles that prevent them from publishing in leading, high-impact journals and reaching a broad audience. This PDW is targeted to help scholars from under-represented countries who seek successful publication of their research in top scholarly journals. The PDW has a very practical, hands-on orientation. We plan to hold this session in hybrid format (conditions permitting).

    • To register, please fill out our application form here (https://forms.gle/7Cd1P7gUtzZ1RwQy6) to send (a) a current CV and (b) a completed and edited manuscript that you plan to submit to a peer-reviewed research journal. Please do so by June 15, 2022. Scholars admitted to the PDW will be notified by mid-June. Need and merit based financial support may be available (see details below). If you are not able to use our application form, please resort to sending your application by email to Weiting Zheng (zheng@unsw.edu.au) or Joon Mahn Lee (joonmahn@korea.ac.kr).


    PDW Format:

    The PDW consists of three highly interactive sessions, which complement each other.

    Paper Development Session: In this session, registered participants will receive feedback on their submitted manuscripts from facilitators, along with suggestions on how to successfully publish them.

    Editor Panel: Current and former journal editors share their insights from handling manuscripts originating in different countries, and discuss important issues such as how to frame research projects for publication, the distinct requirements of different outlets, and how to overcome language difficulties. All panelists have served on multiple editorial boards.

    Global Scholars Panel: Well-published scholars from around the world share their successes and challenges and provide their experiences with the review process.

    Throughout the PDW, ongoing dialogue will address different types of research articles (quantitative, qualitative, theoretical, etc.), taking into consideration the research traditions of scholars from different parts of the world.

    Editor's Panel:

    • Nan Jia, University of Southern California, Associate Editor, Strategic Management Journal
    • Jiatao Li, HKUST, Associate Editor, Journal of International Business Studies
    • Puay Khoon Toh, University of Texas at Austin, Senior Editor, Organization Science
    • Daphne Yiu, University of Oklahoma, Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal

    Global Scholar's Panel:

    • Raffaele Conti, ESSEC Business School, France
    • Glenn Hoetker, Melbourne Business School, Australia
    • Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood, NUS Business School, Singapore
    • Jaeyong Song, SNU Business School, Korea



    To encourage participation from under-represented countries in the academy, the STR Division will offer need-based financial support. A limited number of vouchers will be available to cover the conference registration fee for those that cannot cover it through their university or other sources (first-time conference attendees will be given priority). You can apply for the funding by submitting a letter with your application, explaining the need for financial support. Financial support will be offered on the basis of: (a) quality and promise of the manuscripts, and (b) demonstrated need, both to be determined solely by the STR Division. Scholars admitted to the PDW are encouraged to seek additional "matching" funding from other sources. The PDW organizers will arrange recommendation letters, if needed, to secure these additional funds.  


    Sandro Cabral, Insper Institute of Education and Research, South America

    Obi Damoah, University of Ghana, Africa

    Remzi Gozubuyuk, Sabanci University, Europe

    Joon Mahn Lee, Korea University Business School, Asia

    Edgar Ramirez Solis, Tecnologico de Monterrey, North & Central America

    Weiting Zheng, University of New South Wales - Sydney, Oceania

    Weiting Zheng
    University of New South Wales