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NEW! Strategic Management Review Special Issue on Coopetition

  • 1.  NEW! Strategic Management Review Special Issue on Coopetition

    Posted 06-20-2022 19:03
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    Let me convey that I am literally thrilled to announce that, after a few rounds of elaboration and revision, the Special Issue on "Coopetition" has appeared online in Strategic Management Reviews, Forthcoming Articles Section.

    Many thanks to #PaavoRitala, my volcanic co-editor, all the committed contributing authors, insightful reviewers, and the SMR Founding Editors, #JeffReuer and #MichaelLeiblein, for believing in this endeavor since its very onset.

    This is another step in making coopetition a major subfield in the strategic management domain. An endeavor that I engaged in as early as in 2001, can you imagine!
    In loving memory of our great colleague and friend Will Mitchell.

    Since this is the outcome of a mindful collective effort, we are confident that it may attract some interest from the communities of academics and practitioners and may generate greater momentum to consolidate, theorize, and position coopetition strategy within the broader strategic management literature.

    Here follows the Coopetition Issue outline: https://lnkd.in/emxrsbhQ

    1. Dagnino, G., & Ritala, P. Coopetition strategy: Big questions and promising answers. Strategic Management Review, forthcoming.

    2. Chiambaretto, P., Fernandez, A.-S., & Le Roy, F. What coopetition is and what it is not: Defining the "hard core" and the "protective belt" of coopetition. Strategic Management Review, forthcoming.

    3. Ryan-Charleton, T., & Gnyawali, D. Value creation tension in coopetition: Virtuous cycles and vicious cycles. Strategic Management Review, forthcoming.

    4. Asgari, N., & Mitchell, W. Value chain configuration and coopetition. Strategic Management Review, forthcoming.

    5. Ranganathan, R., & Chen, J. The antecedents and consequences of multi-firm technology coordination: An ecosystem perspective. Strategic Management Review, forthcoming.

    6. Bengtsson, M., & Raza-Ullah, T. Paradoxical tensions at multiple levels and top management team cross-level bridging in coopetition: A conceptual model. Strategic Management Review, forthcoming.

    7. Mina, A., & Dagnino, G. Coopetition reloaded: Looking back to strategic management research for moving coopetition inquiry forward. Strategic Management Review, forthcoming.

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