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Yup, it's me again.

  • 1.  Yup, it's me again.

    Posted 01-04-2022 18:07
    Hey folks. I know that many of you are putting together doctoral seminar syllabi now. Just wanted to draw your attention to the archives of the QUASI seminars. We have an open archive of more than a dozen seminars and growing that includes reading lists, videos, PowerPoints, and chats from the world's top scholars debating central issues in management.

    You can find the archives here: QUASI Seminar Series

    We have five more coming up this semester, which you and your students can sign up for here. The archives of those sessions, if you miss them live, are always posted on the site shortly after. 

    Many have told me that they use QUASI not just for doctoral seminars, but also for MBA student content -- all are welcome! And it's also a great way to gain a breadth of understanding and awareness of specific content for literature reviews that you may be writing, and especially for helping you to ask more meaningful research questions from the start.

    One more point while I have you here: there's an open archive of guidance on academic writing here that your students and you may find of value.

    Oh -- might as well throw this reminder at you, too: The McNair Program is a stellar resource at many US universities and it's incredibly underutilized in business/management. Take a look here


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