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AOM PDW on Language in International Management (August 1 2021, 11:AM - 1:00PM at U.S. EST)

  • 1.  AOM PDW on Language in International Management (August 1 2021, 11:AM - 1:00PM at U.S. EST)

    Posted 07-22-2021 00:12
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    Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on
    Language in International Management: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Conversation
    at the 81st Annual Meeting of Academy of Management

    August 1 2021, 11:AM - 1:00PM at U.S. Eastern (New York) time


    As the virtual Academy of Management Annual Meeting is coming closer, we would like to remind you of our professional development workshop (PDW) on Language in International Management Research. This workshop will take place on Sunday, August 1, 11:AM - 1:00PM U.S. Eastern time (New York time, UTC-4) here: https://2021.aom.org/meetings/virtual/rZQJBNKtjh22YtMYe.

    This virtual workshop aims to provide participants with a forum to learn about state-of-art research in international management, linguistics, cognitive psychology, and strategic management, to discuss theoretical and methodological challenges in language-related international management research, to collectively explore new research directions, and to develop collaborations with multiple theoretical approaches and multiple methods. We cordially invite you to participate and to spread the word about the workshop to interested colleagues and students.

    The first half of the PDW will comprise five presentations by Helene Tenzer, Ann Bradlow (Northwestern University), Sid Horton (Northwestern University), Tailan Chi (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Vince Barker (University of Kansas). In the second half, we will organize two Zoom breakout rooms in which the presenters and attendees will be able to network and have theoretical and methodological discussions.

    This workshop is designed to have both the presenters and all session attendees on video in Zoom. We will share our screens and slides during the presentations, but will come back to the gallery view during discussions. You can use the “hand raise” function to ask questions and provide comments at any time.

    You need to be registered for the AOM conference to attend this event. In case you are planning to join us, we would also appreciate it if you could notify us here: https://forms.gle/gq43oB5zJhiGYCgKA.

    If you have any further questions or comments, please contact midamkim@ku.edu or helene.tenzer@uni-tuebingen.de. We hope to “see” many of you at this virtual event!

    With best wishes,
    Midam Kim, University of Kansas
    Helene Tenzer, Tübingen University

    Midam Kim
    University of Kansas
    Lawrence KS