Distinguished Scholars

MOC Distinguished Scholar Award

The MOC Distinguished Scholar Award, established in 2002, recognizes senior scholars in our field who have made exceptional contributions to understanding individual, relational, and collective cognition in organizational contexts throughout their careers. To be eligible for the award, an individual must first be a truly distinguished scholar. The individual must have conducted research that has had a significant influence in the field by publishing high-impact articles in the very best journals. Second, recipients must have contributed to our field through service by holding a leadership position with the MOC division or the Academy, by serving as an action/associate editor of leading journals, and/or been an exceptional mentor for doctoral students.

Nominations for the Distinguished Scholar Award are accepted from all MOC division members. To nominate a scholar for this award, please send a letter of nomination with an explanation of why you are nominating the individual for the award to MOC Division Chair.

2022 - Kevin Corley
2021 - Janet Dukerich
2020 - James P. Walsh 
2019 - Neal M. Ashkanasy for interview click and picture click here
2018 - Blake Ashforth for interview click here and picture click here
2017 - Mary Ann Glynn for interview click here, video and picture click here
2016 - Michael G. Pratt for interview click here and picture click here
2015 - Kathleen Sutcliffe
2014 - Sim Sitkin
2013 - Frances Milliken
2012 - Jane Dutton
2011 - Joe Porac
2010 - Denny Gioia
2009 - Marlena Fiol
2008 – James G. March
2007 – Denise Rousseau
2005 – George Huber
2004 – William Starbuck
2003 – Anne Huff
2002 – Karl Weick