Diamonds in the Rough

It's the 10th Annual Diamonds in the Rough PDW!!!

DIR offers early-stage, career-based content for emerging scholars across methodologies. MOC prides itself in being a ‘bridging division’ and we consider DIR the ultimately opportunity to build intra- and inter-divisional mentoring networks in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

This year’s expert facilitators are Caroline Bartel (University of Texas), Anne Bowers (University of Toronto), Henrik Bresman (INSEAD), Michelle Duguid (Cornell University), Dan Halgin (University of Kentucky), Ashley Hardin (Washington University St. Louis), Morela Hernandez (University of Michigan), Elaine Hollensbe (University of Cincinnati), Winnie Jiang (INSEAD), Frances Milliken (New York University), Kylie Rochford (University of Utah), Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks (University of Michigan), J.P. Stephens (Case Western Reserve University), Maxim Sytch (University of Michigan), Njoke Thomas (Boston College), Phil Thompson (Virginia Tech), Mai Trinh (Arizona State University), and Michele Williams (University of Iowa).

The PDW is broken into a virtual and in-person component to support junior scholars as they contemplate their market/career opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

Virtual breakout tables (1 hour– asynchronous). Be matched with one facilitator and other participants to workshop your portfolio/research identity and receive personalized feedback. This year’s facilitators are NAMES

Live session in Seattle(Saturday, 12pm PST). Come listen to our expert facilitators speak on two panel topics: prolific scholars recounting their own journey and a behind-the-curtain look at hiring decisions. Pannels will be interspersed with networking opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere.

DIR welcomes junior faculty who are in their first three years on the job, post-docs, and doctoral students who are in their final two years.

Pre-registration is required for the virtual breakout tables and recommended for the live session as this consortium has limited space. Please register at  to

Open for submission – now; close date – JULY 15, 2022

We look forward to receiving your applications!