Diamonds in the Rough

It's the 8th Annual (and virtual) Diamonds in the Rough!!!

DIR offers early-stage, career-based content for emerging scholars across methodologies. MOC prides itself in being a ‘bridging division’ and we consider DIR the ultimately opportunity to build intra- and inter-divisional mentoring networks in a welcoming and inclusive environment. This year’s two PDW components seek to support junior scholars as they contemplate their market/career opportunities in 2020 and beyond:

Virtual panel discussion (1 hour– 12pm EST): “Job Market Realities - Opportunity and Equality in Academia”. Be treated to a conversation about how three influential MOC scholars- Morela Hernandez (Virginia), Dave Mayer (Michigan), and Eero Vaara (Oxford)- forged their paths and the obstacles they faced, as well as what they think the future will hold for hiring in our field. This panel was put together specifically to capture a diverse set of perspectives on job and post-doc opportunities around the world in 2020.

Virtual breakout table (1 hour– asynchronous). Be matched with one facilitator and other participants to workshop your portfolio/research identity and receive personalized feedback. This year’s facilitators are Garry Adams (Auburn), Sue Ashford (Michigan), Marla Baskerville (Northeastern), Anne Bowers (Toronto), Teresa Cardador (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Gwendolyn Combs (Nebraska), Dan Halgin (Kentucky), Tina Opie (Babson), Mike Pratt (Boston College), Kristie Rogers (Marquette), Andre Spicer (City U. London), Maxim Sytch (Michigan), Kenneth Tai (Singapore Management), Eero Vaara (Oxford), Maxim Voronov (York), and April Wright (Queensland).


DIR welcomes junior faculty who are in their first three years on the job, post-docs, and doctoral students who are in their final two years.

Pre-registration is required as this consortium has limited space. Please go to for registration.

In addition, please send your supporting documentation to:
Open for submission – MAY 15, 2020; close date – JULY 30, 2020 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

Your supporting documentation should include:

1.  Your current vita

2. An overview of your research identity: tell us about who you are, what you study, and where you hope to go in one page or less. You may also an additional figure highlighting the connection between your research projects (this will not count towards the one page).

Acceptance notices will be sent on a rolling basis. 

We look forward to receiving your applications!