Int. Outreach

International Outreach!!!

The Outreach and Integration Committee (OIC) works on ways to improve outreach to and integration of MOC members, connecting members from different locations, membership types, methodological orientations, and theoretical domains. Each year, members of the OIC committee organize a number of international conferences that assemble researchers from all over the world. The concept beyond these conferences is simple and compelling. Meetings are hold in a casual, low key, yet energizing, research-focused, and developmentally oriented atmosphere that allows to build a stronger worldwide community of MOC scholars. 

If you are a member of MOC and are eager to propose any international initiative which bridges theoretical and geographical frontiers of MOC division please contact the current International Representative at Large of MOC, Jing Zhu, at

We are always happy to include more members and/or explore new ideas about how to extend MOC boundaries!”