Sucheta Nadkarni (1967 - 2019)


Sucheta was a valued part of the MOC community. She regularly supported and attended our events, and selflessly edited our newsletter for many years as a service to the division. Not only was she an extremely bright and creative scholar, but Sucheta was an amazing supporter of junior scholars and, frankly, of any one who needed an ally. She didn't discriminate when it came to helping people learn and grow and was well-known for reaching beyond the boundaries of her own expertise to provide feedback and lend support.

One of our executive board members shared this story which we think perfectly depicts the selfless way she inspired and supported junior scholars so that they could find their place and thrive:

“She actively sought people out who probably needed her help but didn't know how to ask for it - always with a kind word she would say something nice about what she noticed you doing. Once, she approached me at AOM and said, "Stephanie - I see you working so hard and I think you're doing great things. I don't study what you study but I'm interested in it and I would love to help." It's easy to become stuck in your own world in our profession - to put on blinders and focus on your own success. Often, that's rewarded. But Sucheta wished for something different not only for herself but for all of us.

The MOC community is immensely grateful to Sucheta for all that she gave up to give to us and hope that her leadership, scholarly generosity, and mentoring will be an example to all. We will hold her memory close to our hearts.

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