Teaching in the Rough

It’s the 5th Annual Teaching in the Rough!!!

Participants will be able to take home concrete ideas for approaches to teaching about cognition-related topics (including but not limited to judgment and biases, intuition and decision making, learning, sensemaking, social construction and attributions, and shared mental models in groups and organizations, entrepreneurship, and strategy) in their own classes. 

Facilitators include: Ethan Burris, Sheli Sillito Walker, Dave Hofman, Tyler Burch, Pernille Ryden, Kumaran Rajaram, Jennifer Eury, Kathy Lund Dean, Kristian Sund, and Cyndi Fukami.

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Anyone who teaches, experienced or new, is invited to attend – and bring a friend.

Not preregistration is required. Feel free to stop by for a two-hour session!