Division Purpose:

The purpose of the Division is to provide a forum for the presentation of research and to provide an opportunity for interaction among professionals with interests in research and practice of management in the health services industry.

The specific domain is the health care industry, and major topics include the performance of health care workers and organizations; public policy issues, such as access to care, competition, cost control and quality of care, and their implications for managing health care organizations; health care finance and marketing; and empirical or conceptual application of theory in health care organizations, even on topics that might also fall within another division's domain.

Executive Leadership:

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Constitution & Bylaws:

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Current 5-Year Review Report and Strategic Plan:
Year 2022
HCM Division 5-Year Report, submitted to AOM Board of Governors - 2022
HCM Health and Governance Checklist - 2022
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Archive of 5-Year Review Report and Strategic Plan: