December 2022 HCM Division Newsletter
Table of Contents: 
1. HCM Division Chair's Letter
2. Conference Solicitations
3. PDW Submission Solicitations
4. Provan Award Nomination Solicitations
5. DEI Task Force Committee Update
6. Call for Webinar Submissions
7. Call for Research Collaborative Communities

1. A Letter from the HCM Division Chair: 

As we are approaching the holiday season, it is also a time when we reflect on the past year and express our gratitude.

As I reflect on the 82nd Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Seattle, I am grateful for all the authors, reviewers, organizers, and session chairs that worked so hard to create an engaging and stimulating program. The Emerging Scholars Consortium, Professional Development Workshops, plenary, and symposia, as well, fostered a panoply of opportunities to learn and debate in this vibrant environment.  My sincere and deep gratitude to Cheryl Rathert, Program Chair, and Nick Edwardson, PDW Chair, for their hard work putting together a fantastic program.

Brian Hilligoss, through his leadership and dedication to division excellence, has helped shape the direction of the division for years to come.  Under his leadership, the HCM Division Executive Committee developed a 5-year strategic plan focusing on 5 strategic priorities:

  1. Sustain, nurture, and grow Division while maintaining intimacy
  2. Promote career and professional development of members
  3. Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Division and the field
  4. Clarify and enhance the value of health care management to policymakers and practitioners: “Make management a policy priority.”

The division’s 5-year strategic plan was highlighted by AOM as an exemplar for other divisions to emulate in the development of their strategic plans.  Thank you, Brian, for your leadership and for always encouraging us to thoughtfully remain an inclusive organization.  

A special thanks to Geoffrey Silvera for organizing a fun mix of social events.  The social events are integral to fostering personal relationships and creating a strong sense of community within the HCM Division.  I believe the concepts of fellowship and belonging are essential components of the HCM Division.

The HCM Division recognized a number of outstanding members with awards at the annual meeting, including those for the Best Paper Based on a Dissertation, Best Theory to Practice Award, Best Paper on an International Theme, Best Student Paper, Best Paper, and Outstanding Reviewer Awards.  The Early Career Achievement Award went to Maike Tietschert, and the Mid-Career Achievement Award went to Sunita Sah. Congratulations to all award recipients!

At the business meeting this year, The Myron D. Fottler Exceptional Service Award went to Tim Hoff for his dedication to the HCM Division and meaningful mentorship of colleagues and students in the division.  The Keith G. Provan Award went to Ann Barry Flood, a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of empirically based healthcare organization research. The HCM Division Teaching Award went to Laura McClelland for her inspiring contributions to educational practices within the healthcare management field.  Many thanks to Olena Mazurenko, Tracy Porter, and the Research and Teaching Committee Members for their valuable work leading the award selection process!

Nick Edwardson, HCM Division Program Chair, is working on next year’s program around the theme Putting the Worker Front and Center. Together with Deirdre McCaughey, who is now joining him as PDW Chair, they will make the 2023 meeting in Boston another success.  Please be on the lookout for more opportunities to contribute to the division. We welcome new volunteers!

The Communications Committee is developing quarterly newsletters to enhance communication with the HCM Division members. Please let Tory Hogan and the Communications Committee know if you have any informational items you would like included in the newsletter.

I am grateful to all members of this wonderful community for your endless contributions to the division. Thank you for all you do!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

Warm regards,

Ria Hearld

2. Conference Solicitations: We encourage all HCM members to submit their latest work for consideration. The theme of the next Annual Meeting–Putting the Worker Front and Center–is acutely relevant to the current healthcare management landscape. The submission center is expected to open in early December and close on January 10th. More details on the submission process can be found here. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your submissions. 

3. PDW Submission Solicitations: The HCM division invites you to submit creative and innovative proposals for Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) for the 2023 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. We seek proposals from AOM members who wish to organize a PDW session for either the Emerging Scholars Consortium (ESC) or the traditional, open PDWs intended for all HCM members. Junior faculty and Ph.D. students are welcome to propose innovative ideas for PDWs. Individuals interested in organizing a session during either the ESC or the traditional, open PDW program are encouraged to contact HCM PDW Chair Deirdre McCaughey by December 9th to discuss their ideas. 

4. Provan Award Nomination Solicitations: The research committee seeks nominations for the Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar award (2023). This award recognizes a member of the HCM division who has developed a record of high-quality scholarly research in health care management. The research may be traditional or innovative, but it must demonstrate conceptual and methodological rigor.  Nominations should be submitted to the HCM Research Committee Chair, Olena Mazurenko,, by January 31st, 2023.  Please visit the HCM Division Page for more information


5. DEI Task Force Committee Update: We are a newly chartered task force within the HCM division, and we need your input.  Co-chairs are Charleata Battles and Vicky Parker, and members include:  Lois Dankwa, Lihua Dishman, Lambert Li, Nitish Patidar, Gordon Shen, Maike Tietschert, Chinue Uecker, and Annick Van Rossem.   Please watch for our upcoming short survey and let us know 1) about your experiences of inclusion/exclusion within the HCM Division’s annual meeting activities; and 2) what ideas you believe will be important to include in an HCM division statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts, and we look forward to sharing more as our work continues.


6. Call for Webinar Submissions:  The Membership Engagement Committee invites submissions of webinar ideas. HCM webinars are typically 45-60 minutes and host a panel of 3-4 scholars or practitioners and a moderator. We are interested in working with you at every stage of webinar development and are committed to providing meaningful content across career stages. More information can be found here


7. Call for Research Collaborative Communities: The Membership Engagement Committee invites submissions for Research Collaborative Communities. Research Collaborative Communities (RCCs) were piloted during the COVID-19 pandemic to channel the talents and perspectives of the HCM members into research groups. If you have an idea for a potential research community or already have a group of scholars working around a topic area, we would love to hear from you. More information can be found here