HCM Division Best Student Paper

This award is given to the paper judged to be the best paper with a current student, as of the annual meeting submission date, listed as either the sole author or the first author on a multi-author paper. The “student” self-designation, which is selected by the submitter at the time of submission, will be used to identify eligible papers. Papers that are identified as eligible for the HCM Division Outstanding Paper Based on a Dissertation award will not be eligible for the HCM Division Best Student Paper award; however, papers reporting on dissertation-related research will be eligible. A committee headed by the Program Chair and comprised of selected members of the Executive Committee and the previous year's winner of the award, selects the winner.

2004 - 2020: Not awarded

2003: David R. Williams and Carlton C. Young. "The Proposed Relationship Between Health System Characteristics and System-Based Physician Practice Acquisitions and Management: The CEO's Perception"
2002:   David R. Williams. "The Proposed Relationship Between Managerial Opportunism, Agency Issues, And The Fall of the Physician Practice Management"