Who We Are

HCM Domain Statement (rev. 2018)

The Health Care Management division is dedicated to enhancing population health and wellbeing through developing and testing management theory. Division members seek to understand the role of professionals and organizations in providing effective health care that is low cost, high quality, and enhances population health and wellbeing at the local, national, and global levels. Members of the division research the performance of health workers and organizations across the growing spectrum of professions and settings contributing to health (i.e., beyond traditional medical care contexts); the adoption and effectiveness of new organizational forms, practices, roles, and technologies in health care; the evolution of public policy including issues related to access, cost, financial performance, and quality of care as well as how it is influenced by and affects health professionals and organizations; the competitive dynamics and strategy of health organizations and their consequences; the perspective of patients, families, and communities and their implications for workers and organizations; implementation of evidence-based management and clinical practice; and health care finance and marketing. By examining a complex and dynamic context closely entwined with a multi-faceted set of organization types, professions, and public policies, research on health care management phenomena serves to develop new management theory or refine and test existing theory that often spans Academy divisions. As a division we welcome such cross-division collaboration.


The Health Care Management (HCM) Division of the Academy of Management has been in existence since the mid 1990s. Since its earliest days, HCM has been committed to providing opportunities for collegial interaction among professionals, academicians, and students with interests in research and practice in the health services management industry. Each year since its inception, the division has offered PDW workshops and consortia for doctoral students, early careerists through to seasoned veterans contemplating retirement.

In 1997 at the AOM Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, the HCM Division began a tradition of its awards recognizing the best paper submitted to an annual meeting, outstanding paper based on a dissertation, and the best health care management theory to practice paper. Since that time additional awards have been added to recognize the best international conference paper and outstanding conference paper reviewers in addition to awards honoring sustained and outstanding service to the division, teaching and research.

Previous AOM Meetings

A complete list of previous AOM Annual Conferences dating back to the first conference in 1936 held in Chicago is available on the AOM web site. The list includes a link to the online program for conferences from 1996 to present