Excellence in Teaching Award

This award, which was established in 2005, recognizes innovative and outstanding teaching that takes place in our classrooms and provides the opportunity to encourage, recognize and reward the work of excellent, dedicated and inspiring teachers. Nominations are sought from the membership, and each nominee must meet be a University level academic staff, tenured or on full-time contract, and must have been employed in a teaching position for at least three years within higher education.

Award Winners

2023:     Eric Richardson, UNC Wilmington

2022:     Laura McClelland, Virginia Commonwealth University

2021:     Deirdre McCaughey, University of Calgary

2020:     Cathleen Erwin, Auburn University

2019:     Timothy J. Vogus, Vanderbilt University

2018:     Andy Garman, Rush University

2017:     Nir Menachemi, Indiana University and Rangaraj “Ranga” Ramanujam, Vanderbilt University

2016:     (no award given)

2015:     (no award given)

2014:     Eric Ford, Johns Hopkins University, and Tim Huerta, The Ohio State University

2013:     Victoria Parker, Boston University

2012:     Robert Weech-Maldonado, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2011:     Christy Lemak, University of Michigan

2010:     Diane Brannon, Pennsylvania State University

2009:     Peter M. Ginter, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2008:     Robert Myrtle, University of Southern California

2007:     (no award given)

2006:     Mindi McKenna, Rockhurst University

2005:     S. Robert Hernandez, University of Alabama at Birmingham