Myron D. Fottler Exceptional Service Award

This award is considered by many to be the most distinguished award given by the HCM Division. It was established to recognize a member of the Division who has provided extraordinary service to HCM and to the profession. It is not an annual award; rather it is given only when the Division identifies a suitable nominee who meets the following requirements:

  • The individual must have dedicated at least ten years to the Health Care Management Division and to the profession, and must have established a consistently strong presence in the Division over a long period of time.
  • The individual must have served as a meaningful mentor, not only to colleagues and students at his or her own university, but also to others in HCMD.
  • If the individual has served as a Division officer, he or she must have continued active participation in the Division long after serving as a Division officer (this requirement automatically exempts anyone for consideration while a current officer).

Nominations for this award are solicited by the Division chair-elect in the spring. In the years when an award is given, the winner will be announced at the annual meeting and recognized during the Division’s business meeting and awards ceremony.

2023 Rebecca Wells,  University of Texas Health Sciences Center Houston
2022 Timothy (Tim) Hoff, Northeastern University
2021: Victoria Parker, University of New Hampshire
2020:  Christy Harris Lemak, University of Alabama – Birmingham
2019: Jami L. Jones, Medical University of South Carolina
2018:      Eric Williams, University of Alabama 
2017:     Trish Reay, Alberta School of Business
2016:     Robert Weech-Maldonado, University of Alabama at Birmingham
2015:     Tim Huerta, Ohio State University
2014:     Jane Banaszak-Holl, University of Michigan
2013:     Stephen J. O'Connor, University of Alabama at Birmingham
2012:     Jacqueline Zinn, Temple University
2011:     Kathleen Montgomery, University of California, Riverside
2010:     Jon Chilingerian, Brandeis University
2009:     Leonard Friedman, George Washington University
2008:     Margarete Arndt and Barbara Bigelow, Clark University
2007:     (no award given)
2006:     (no award given)
2005:     (no award given)
2004:     Tom D'Aunno, University of Michigan
2003:     (no award given)
2002:     Grant T. Savage, University of Alabama
2001:     Reuben R. McDaniel, University of Texas
2000:     John D. Blair, Texas Tech University
1999:     Myron D. Fottler, University of Central Florida