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HCM Mentoring Program: Call for Mentees & Mentors

  • 1.  HCM Mentoring Program: Call for Mentees & Mentors

    Posted 06-18-2022 11:17

    Dear Members of the HCM Division,

    We're excited to announce the continuation of the HCM Mentoring Program! Thanks to the feedback from last year's participants and the hybrid format of the 2022 Annual Meeting, this year's program will be even better. As a reminder, the mentoring program aims to connect doctoral students and early careerists within the HCM field with scholars from across the division to discuss shared research interests and/or professional goals.

    CALL FOR MENTEES: If you are interested in signing-up as a mentee, complete the following survey by Friday, July 8th: https://forms.gle/LXof1V3xBvmmK82P6

    CALL FOR MENTORS: For this program to succeed we need faculty from the HCM Division to volunteer to participate as mentors and serve as a source of information, guidance, and community-building. We anticipate that mentors will be matched with 1-2 mentees. Sign up as a mentor by completing the following survey by Friday, July 8th: https://forms.gle/NADv4WtaajfJsKP98

    **If you participated in the program last year, we still ask that you fill out the form.


    • Mentees and mentors will be matched prior to the start of the 2022 AOM Annual Meeting. We suggest that mentors connect with mentees for a minimum of two 30-minute sessions via video or phone over the next academic year. The first of these sessions may occur during the Annual Meeting dates (virtually or in-person), at one of the division social events, or at another time that is mutually convenient to both of your schedules.

    Around mid-July, an email will be sent introducing mentees to their mentors. It is our hope that this program continues to create a much-needed space for HCM members to build meaningful connections.

    Should you have any questions, please email Amber Stephenson (astephen@clarkson.edu) and J'Aime Jennings (jaime.jennings@louisville.edu).


    Amber Stephenson & J'Aime Jennings
    HCM Division Academics-At-Large

    J'Aime Jennings, PhD
    Associate Professor
    University of Louisville
    Louisville, KY