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Call for Scholarly Program Submissions: Health Care Management Division @AOM2021

  • 1.  Call for Scholarly Program Submissions: Health Care Management Division @AOM2021

    Posted 12-05-2020 02:06
    Call for Scholarly Program Submissions: Health Care Management Division
    Program Chair: Ria Hearld, University of Alabama at Birmingham, khearld@uab.edu
    Submit Proposals at http//aom.org/annualmeeting/submission by January 12, 2021, 5 PM ET (NY Time)

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    Specific domain: The HCM division invites symposium and paper submissions addressing any aspect of the health care sector. Topics include management of health care organizations; public policy issues, such as access to care, competition, cost control and quality of care, and their implications for managers; health care finance and marketing; comparisons of health care across countries; empirical or conceptual applications of theory in health care organizations; and development of organizational theory from studies conducted in health care settings.

    Special Instructions: In addition to submissions addressing the HCM domain, the HCM division also encourages papers and symposia focused on the 2021 conference theme, Bringing the Manager Back in Management. The Academy's overall call for submissions expands on this theme by asking how research and teaching can be called on to shape what managers do on a day-to-day basis.  Bringing the Manager Back in Management is an opportunity for our division to reflect on the issues that are of key importance to frontline, middle, or executive level managers.  Consider the global pandemic and social unrest of today and whatever forms of uncertainty will face us in 2021.  How can we help managers deal with the issues confronting them in the incredibly challenging period we are currently facing? How do we adapt processes to accommodate a virtual/hybrid workforce environment, and do skillsets need to change for managers to succeed in such an environment?  Will increasing uncertainty, ambiguity, and calls for corporate and higher education reform lead to new organizational forms? How might we contextualize our research to better serve practicing managers and forecast their needs 1-, 5-, and 10-years in the future? How can we aid the health care industry to handle uncertainty, threats to personal safety, and health of frontline providers while asking them to lead quality management efforts to reduce costs? Submissions addressing the theme in ways related to health care management are welcome.

    Symposia proposals are particularly encouraged, as they provide conference attendees a coherent, focused session of either a series of authored papers explicitly linked to a common theme, or a group of panelists engaged in a formal interactive discussion around particular issues or questions.  Symposia are more likely to be accepted if they are designed and submitted for co-sponsorship by multiple divisions or interest groups.

    The HCM division also encourages submissions from Ph.D. students. Papers with a Ph.D. student as the first or sole author should be clearly identified at the time of submission. We also encourage papers that are earlier in development that would benefit from collegial discussion.

    Division Awards

    The HCM division honors the following awards to research papers presented at annual meeting:

    • Best Health Care Management Paper, sponsored by the American College of Healthcare Executives.
    • Outstanding Paper Based on a Dissertation. To be considered for this award a paper must be sole-authored and identified at the time of submission as eligible for the Newman Award.
    • Best Health Care Management Theory-to-Practice Paper, sponsored by Health Care Management Review. This award encourages papers relevant to the practicing health care manager. To be considered for this award a paper must be designated as "Practice" oriented at the time of submission.
    • Best Global Health Care Management Paper, sponsored by the Emerald Publishing Group. To be considered for this award a paper must be global and identified at the time of submission as eligible for the Dexter Award.
    • HCM Division Best Student Paper Award. To be considered for this award, the paper must have a current student, as of the annual meeting submission date, listed as either the sole author or the first author on a multi-author paper.

    Submission Process:  All submissions must be made through the AOM Submission Center  system website. The submission deadline is Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM ET, (but earlier submissions are encouraged). 

    Please carefully review the submission guidelines and formatting instructions before submitting. If any of the guidelines or formatting instructions are not met, the submission cannot be reviewed. Please note that there is limited space on the scholarly program; therefore, not all submissions will be accepted. All submissions will nevertheless make an important contribution to the HCM division, as the number of submissions impacts future allocation of time on the program. If your paper is accepted, you are committing to attend the virtual scholarly program. The PDW program and scholarly program runs Friday 30 July through Tuesday 03 August (times vary).

    Please sign up to review for HCM!

    Ajit Appari
    Northeastern University