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  • 1.  AOM Conference T-shirt Slogan Contest [Reply to Post by March 22nd]

    Posted 03-02-2021 06:44
    Edited by Ajit Appari 03-14-2021 16:32
    You read that right ... T-shirts!

    Here is your chance to make a lasting mark on the Health Care Management division (HCM) division!

    This year's Academy of Management conference will be virtual (as we are all dreadfully aware). However, HCM's Executive Leadership Committee has continued to explore innovative ways for members to connect both during conference and in the interim between conferences (i.e., webinars). This year will be the first year that the HCM will have it's very own conference T-shirt. 

    But what does one put on a T-shirt? 

    How do we capture this moment in T-shirt form?

    What could we say in 10 words or less to fully encompass the magnitude of our present state?

    What indeed?

    Well, HCM members, who better to decide than you? We can certainly do this better together than any of us could do apart. 

    Here are the rules: Submit your HCM division slogan as a reply to this post. The slogan must be no more than 10 words (please refrain from vulgar language, however tempting). Each member may submit up to 5 slogan submissions. There is an advantage to submitting early and often. Submissions must be submitted by March 22nd, and the reply that gets the most likes by then wins (no recounts!)

    The winner will receive a T-shirt (of course!), a HCM 2021 Conference Prize Pack (which will include each of the prize items available at this year's conference), and will be recognized at the HCM Division business meeting. Plus, everyone is going to be wearing the slogan that you came up with ... I mean, how cool is that?!

    So, submit away! 

    Geoffrey Silvera
    Assistant Professor
    Auburn University
    Auburn AL

  • 2.  RE: AOM Conference T-shirt Slogan Contest [Reply to Post by March 22nd]

    Posted 03-03-2021 15:12
    OK, Geoffrey!  How about this for a slogan...

    "HCMD - Come for the socials, stay for the health care"

    :)  Hope all are well!  

    Amber Stephenson
    Associate Professor
    Clarkson University
    Schenectady NY
    (518) 631-9894

  • 3.  RE: AOM Conference T-shirt Slogan Contest [Reply to Post by March 22nd]

    Posted 03-04-2021 19:41
    Great idea!!!
    Some suggestions ...

    Who are we? HCMD
    What do we want? Great health outcomes! 
    HCMD: where focusing on improving healthcare management outcomes doesnt just stop at care 
    HCMD: Paving the way for the future.. one social event at a time.
    Heath Care Management Division (OR HCMD): All innovative health research starts with drinks... are you coming? 

    Dr Katrina Radford

    Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director Research, BSI Hons convenor


    Department of Business Strategy and Innovation 

    Griffith Business School

    Gold Coast Campus

    Parklands Drive, Southport. 4222. QLD, Australia

    P: (+61) 7 555 28003

    E: k.radford@griffith.edu.au 

    W: https://experts.griffith.edu.au/academic/k.radford

    Intergenerational Care Project: 


  • 4.  RE: AOM Conference T-shirt Slogan Contest [Reply to Post by March 22nd]

    Posted 03-07-2021 07:38
    Awesome suggestions so far.  Please keep them coming.  Here's another one for consideration:

    HCMD, improving health outcomes and equity for all.

    Sara J. Singer, MBA, PhD
    Stanford University School of Medicine
    Stanford Graduate School of Business (by courtesy)
    Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
    Stanford Health Policy
    Clinical Excellence Research Center
    Center for Innovation in Global Health
    Woods Institute for the Environment
    1265 Welch Road, MSOB 328
    Stanford, CA 94305
    617-894-3665 cell

  • 5.  RE: AOM Conference T-shirt Slogan Contest [Reply to Post by March 22nd]

    Posted 03-14-2021 12:21
    Edited by Ajit Appari 03-14-2021 18:59
    Here are few more suggestions:
    I am expecting HCMD logo to be on the T-shirt, hence my slogans are without using the HCMD acronym.

    [1] "Managing Health Care Delivery: Think Locally, Globally, and Inclusively"

    [2] "Health Care Management: Lets Zoom Into the Future Together"
    "Health Care Management: Lets Zoom Into the Future"

    [3] "Health Care Management for Individuals and Populations"

    [4] "Moving Beyond the Pandemic for Better Health Care Delivery"

    Ajit Appari
    Northeastern University

  • 6.  RE: AOM Conference T-shirt Slogan Contest [Reply to Post by March 22nd]

    Posted 03-15-2021 21:30

    Here you go Geoffrey some slogan ideas.  Stay Safe!

    1:   Celebrating HCM… We Walk as One… 1990's to Infinity  
    (if we could include a symbol - this is one with people walking together
    on the infinity symbol)               

    2:   HCMD:  Leaders Supporting Patients & Providers Together as One  


    3:    AOM's Health Care Management Division: We Change Lives!!


    4:             Health Care Management Group

        Committed to ↓  Cost ↑  Quality Outcomes Globally


    5:   Collaboration - Commitment - Compassion = AOM's HCMD

    Rita DiLeo
    Select One
    Scranton PA